Advisable Tripod For Noobs?

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      Which tripod (s) would be best for a noob who has a consumer-sized camcorder, but would probably later switch to a Sony FX7 or the Canon equivalent. Something that has a smooth fluid motion and sturdy enough fo a pro-sumer sized. Sorry, it’s such a common question, but I’m don’t knwo much about video-grade tripods. (It’s not like in photography where you just get any Manfrotto with a decent $100 ball head.)

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      I’ve been using this one since I started in 2004. It’s good for a noob, but in a few years you may want to upgrade to something with pan and tilt drag. But this is a sturdy, smooth tripod and I’ve never found it to be annoying.

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      I’ve used several pro-models through some people I know (in the $300 price range) and they’ve been okay, but not spectacular. My biggest success is a Velbon PH-358; the movement is very smooth and it works great. I use a Panasonic AG-DVC7 and it’s a tad too big for it, but not horrible.

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