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      I was reading this comparison on the sony and the flip and now im even more confused.. any suggestions please! i need one in less than a month!

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      I’m having the same problem I need a new camera to take to my daughter’s wedding and I can’t make up my mind as to which camera I should buy and I need it for next month too.

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      Sony, Very reliable from all the reviews I have read….

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      I just bought a flip ulta hd 4 gig camera for my seven yr old….. great deal as a close out item.

      pros: cheap, easy to use, decent low light performance….

      cons: cheap, no audio inputs or camera controls.

      so at nearly 1//3 the price of the sony bloggie, I’d say the flip is the better buy if you can find one still…. but bear in mind.. I was shopping for a 7 yr old…. anybody doing serious work might be better served looking for a more grow’d up camera…


Viewing 3 reply threads
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