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      hi to all. i need advice on buying a new camera i have and are very happy whit panasonic agdvx100b, but i am looking to go tapeless or hybrid (tape and memory sticks ).

      What i am looking for is something thats has the panasonic carateristics or better and can record on memory (hibrid better) i am not requerid any HD but it will be nice

      any suggestions will be great appreciated

      Thank you for your help..

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      How much you have to spend on your new camera? Factor in some dollars for extra memory . whatever whether is important when you are buying a shoot digital camera or an SLR camera the same considerations apply. And you should decide do you want it go in your handbag?number of Megapixels of a camera is an important issue .so decide first….

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      Check out Panasonic’s AG-HVX200A camera. Similar in function to your current camera, it seems to have the “hybrid” recording functions that you’re looking by offering you the options of tape and its P2 card. It’s also HD. You can purchase this particular camera used on eBay from the more reputable eBay video stores.

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      thank you for your response i am looking to spend like 3000, those p2 cards can i use them on final cut?


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      Final Cut is pretty format friendly I hear,should have no problem with the P2 cards or the file typesfrom those cameras, it’s just a matter of hardware compatibility and getting your files into the computer.

      P2 is a robust storage type, but MUCH more expensive than SD or compact flash cards.

      You say you don’t require HD, but honestly, if you’re going to be purchasing a new camera I would have to ask why you wouldn’t want to go HD. It is the future… today. 🙂

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      Thanks for your responce.

      for one HD as i hear es more time and resource need, I am open on it but i still have to see. The clients i have are low paying so i do not want to spend to much time on something that i will not get pay what is worth.

      I have been looking at a panasonic ag-ac160, and still researching any toughts


Viewing 5 reply threads
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