Advice on how to accomplish this effect

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Hello - there is a nice effect used in this video, near the end, at approx 3:36.

I think that a similar effect was used several times in the movie "Everything is Illuminated". Any thoughts on how it was accomplished? Can it be done in Vegas Pro 10?

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I'll hazard a guess. Not sure about Vegas, but in Premiere Pro I was able to achieve a similar effect with a similar clip using Levels applied to the end of the clip, and then I adjusted the RGB White setting to like 6. The camera footage you get has a lot to do with it though. The Levels effect needs the light from that window in the clip to get it to "bleed" all over the whole clip and kinda swallow it up. Play around with Levels though and you might getyour desired results.

I like the effect and thanks for sharing this. I'll try incorporating it in some stuff. Ifothers have ideas about how to get this effect, I'd like to hear them.

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Thank you for your input, and you are welcome re video example.

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Try the "White Soft Glow" effect (found in the Video FX tab under Glow). Set everything to 0 at the beginning of the clip and to 0.3 / 4.0 / 0.0 at the end. These are just starting suggestions so feel free to change them as desired.