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      I’m currently using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, After effects and photoshop on a HP workstation laptop. I can’t preview 1080 footage if i’ve done absolutely anything to it and transcoding takes an age.

      I’ve just been given the go-ahead to upgrade both hardware and software, so i’m about to upgrade to CS5, but i have no idea what computer to get. Advice on the web is patchy at best!

      ANy help in this area would be greatly appreciated. I have to be able to order this in the UK…

      Thanks! Dan

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      Hi Dan

      For what it is worth, I recently upgraded to CS5 and had a local computer company put together a pcbased onVideoguys guide (

      This worked well for me. I am in Canada and had no problem getting the components needed.


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      Last May I ordered a new HP and upgraded to CS5. I just got their performance one and topped out the graphics card and memory. It smokes Full AVCHD faster than I used to edit SD. Everything is so fast and my work space in AE is huge. I also got the largest monitor they had vs. going tosplit screen and am totally happy with all the above.

      I paid about 2,200-2,300 for the computer and ran right around 3 with the upgrade and since I was cleared for more like you are I snuck in a couple1tb externals for storage of HD video. Yhe only thing about the whole upgrade for me was that Esata Externals are finiky with windows 7 for some reason, I haven’t looked into a work around and just ran firewire to them when I need them.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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