Advice for shooting in a Barber Shop?

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      I’m faced with the challenge of concealing my crew and equipment while shooting in a Barber shop. The problem is that two of the four walls contain mirrors. The two walls with mirrors are adjacent to each other in this rectangular shaped room. The shorter width wall with a mirror is parallel to the glass front of the barber shop where the entrance is located, while the longer length wall with a mirror is parallel to a wall (God, an off-white wall too… =/). The mirror length wall is on the right hand side when entering the store.

      Any ideas on how to shoot in this crew concealment nightmare?

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      can your nle flip the video? if it can, you may try (in pool terms) a bank shot off the mirror.

      another tip might be to build some 4×8 foot silk diffusers and set them up between the mirrors and your subjects and point your lights at the mirrors, they’ll then bounce and go through the diffusers.

      set up some bifold doors, to block the crews reflections in your shots….

      spray some hairspray on the mirrors to eliminate reflections….

      just hide your cameras, and get the crew out…

      call Chris Angel for a consult.

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      Do you know how big productions do it? Such as for the movie “Barbershop?”

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      yeah. they build sets. easy to shoot where ther is no ceiling, or you can set up behind the *2 way*mirrors! move a wall when you need to etc.

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      take the mirrors down or replace the mirrors with 2 way glass that resemble mirrors and you no longer have a nightmare.

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      Do a lot of close-ups. Hair-spray on the mirrors is a really good suggestion. And watch out for stray hair on the lens! P.S. My momknewa personwho had to have surgery to get hair removed that was embedded in their foot. So no bare feet or flip flops!


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      Real life story that may give you idea.

      The friend of mine used to be a cameraman in one of the countries where media is not always welcomed to cover street events. Often he had to shoot from inside the van. They made curtains for the van windows out of light fabric with random size dark circles on it. Few circles were cut out to put the lense through.

      So the police and protesters saw the circles, not the lense.

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