Advice for serious amateur: Why not HD?

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      I have heard a lot of people cautoning against the hype around HD video cameras and I read pros are expereimenting msotly and down sampling. I am a serious amateur in video and still. I know HD devices and players are rare and expensive and I don’t have an HD televison (yet). But I have a G5 Mac (Dual 1.8Ghz 5.5 GB Ram ATI X800 graphics) with Final Cut Studio HD–I can shoot in HD and down-sample to SD for showing today keeping the tape for the future. That way I have HD raw footage and I hear downsampled HD with Compressor is very nice in today’s formats.

      So I could buy the SONY HDR-HD1 and get HD video today.The SD footage I take shows its age on the 42-inch SONY projection television I have–the lack of resoution is obvious. What an I missing in this train of thought? Make sense or not? Any issues I might not know about?

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      Your reasoning is solid.
      However, HD is not there yet in low light situations. If you are into shooting “atmosphere,” areas that include lots of shadow or extreme contrast, night shots, interiors of churches, clubs, hotels, AND NOT AUGMENTING THE LIGHT, the basic current prosumer HD models are producing more mud and video noise than top of the line SD counterparts (e.g., the 1 lux Sony VX2100). Outside of these situations, the HD images are fantastic. In demos, I notice that HDs are getting better than they were for these types of shoots. (Last demo, about 3-months ago. BTW, demo areas at camera stores and convention centers are EXTREMELY well lit in case you hadn’t noticed.) Later models of HD will catch up, just as digital eventually blew past analog in the old days, in the low light department.
      If the low light world is not part of your work, or you have it covered otherwise, HD looks like a good choice for you.
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Low-light performane is somethign I factor in as I weigh upgrading my SD 5-year-old camera versus moving to HD.

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