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      Guys I got a problem…
      As some of you know I tinker with building robots.
      I’ve got a brilliant idea, but not the resources to build a prototype.
      This camera related idea would be patentable, and could be considered “Must have” gear, also affordable to any serious/semi pro shooters… the kind of idea that will have many smacking thier foreheads and saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”

      I need advice on how to protect the idea, and approach prospects for investment capitol. Canada specific advice would really help.
      I’m hoping to get a patent and find a manufacturer or to licence the patent…

      All suggestions advice welcomed…

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      You can do it yourself. Get a book on current patent law. Be sure to keep a bound notebook with numbered pages and date, sign and have witnessed everthing you do in blue ink. Use a patent draftsman to do the drawings. Even if you write the patent yourself have a patent attorney review and write the claims.

      Good luck


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      Andy Bruns

      Hey Don,

      I basically agree with Robert above.. I have messed with patents alsoand I can tell you what I was told straight up by a guy on the inside at 3m where I picked up my advice.. He had told me no matter how you patent something a major company can take it from you unless you get it out there to market first.. It’s expensive for sure. I was told any item even a $1 item can run you $100K to get it to market.. As for investors- Be Sure They Sign A Disclosure Agreement!!! And good luck on that..

      As for getting it started> Don’t waste time with a “We Do It For You Company”. All they do is take your money and do a crappy research job. Do it yourself. Online there are a dozen ways to look up patents that relate to yourproduct. (Patent Search) Before you do anything RESEARCH IT. You may find just cuz you haven’t seen it that it isn’t patented. Witht the way patent law works all you need is an idea and a rough drawing and you can patent something. Trust me theiris everything you can imagine already patented.. Like even stuff from StarTrek.

      Anyway, if you need any links I can probably pass you a couple.


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      will start by doing patent searches, then move onto documentation and patent application, followed by business planning, then will seek capitol investment.
      next year will be a busy one, that is for sure

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      thanx. I appreciate the tips!

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      Robert and Andy have pretty much covered it. I just went through the process myself. Start to finish it was about two years, our patent lawyer told us to expect at least one revision to the application. We ended up with three revisions. If you are testing the waters I would suggest a provisional patent, when dealing with anyone send them a nondisclosure agreement. That will give you some time and protection for your idea, while you flesh it out, look for investors, etc. Last time I checked it was about 220.00 application fee. And as stated above, stay away from the Patent assist companies.


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