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      I’m new to this forum. If I’ve posted this to the wrong topic or if advice for my questions already exists please advise.

      Description: Our non-profit organization holds at least one annual conference in some part of the world. Some years we may also hold one or more special topics meetings. Both have similar layouts in that there is an opening/closing plenary containing 2 or more speakers and possibly video presentations. Each day of a conference or special meeting is comprised of presentations. Mostly the presenters use either handouts or PowerPoint presentations. We have experimented with adding audio recordings of these presentations to our website but we’re really not achieving the traffic or interest that we expected so we’re considering the option of video.

      Challenge: My task is to develop a strategy for producing video of at least parts of the conference. I’m currently researching products such as Camtasia and CamStudio for recording PowerPoint presentations but we would also like to provide video of our plenaries and some of the larger theme forums.

      As I am novice to video production I’m not exactly sure what questions to ask but here’s a couple of general open ended questions. What advice would you give for doing this ourselves? What equipment is recommended – hardware/software?

      I read in another forum about contracting this out. I agree. However, because we’re in different parts of the world I would guess the costs of hiring professionals would be quite high. I have also considered hiring contractors from the conference city but I don’t feel this will always be an option due to some the conference locations.

      I’ve become too wordy so I’m going to finish with a request for any advice, tips, books or any other resource that can be provided based on the summary of my task.

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      Uhy! That’s a pretty tall order you’ve got there. For something on the scale you’re doing, the best advice is to hire professionals. My questions are; What is your plan for the videos? Archiving, resale, broadcast or all the above?

      It really depends on the answers to those questions. Though you are a non-profit organization, your goal is to attract donations and grant money to further your endeavors. Having professionally made video can go a long way to let potential donors and grant providers know that you are serious about what your doing.

      On the otherhand, if it isn’t necessary to have a ‘polished look’ yeah you could do it yourself. Cameras are relatively inexpensive these days and you can invest in a basic editing computer. Of course you will need some training books on shooting video and how to edit video. With those things in hand yeah you could ‘do it yourself’. Just don’t be surprised that it doesn’t have the same look and polish as if it had been done by a pro. It will take time for you and your team to become proficient with the tools and learn how to improve your work.

      Anyone can lay out a specific plan for you, but those are your primary options. Either way, you’re going to have to pay for it.

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      “My task is to develop a strategy for producing video of at least parts of the conference. I’m currently researching products such as Camtasia and CamStudio for recording PowerPoint presentations but we would also like to provide video of our plenaries and some of the larger theme forums.”

      If you’ve got a camcorder with A/V input, you can switch the camcorder to input mode and connect it to the S-Video or RCA output of the projector, or possibly the S-Video output of the computer system which is projecting the presentation. The sad story is that Video Input is becoming an obsolete feature, according to the minds of camcorder manufacturers. A DVD recorder that is capable of recording composite (or S-Video) stream will also allow recording from a projector device. Also note that this option wouldrequire DVD ripping software, or editing software that is capable of capturing video from DVDs.

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      Thanks for the replies.

      The truth is I don’t know all of the plans for distribution. From what I’m learning this is an endeavor that far exceeds my level of understanding. I can say that I can do it but it’s important to distinguish the difference “doing” and “doing well”.

      I have contacted two professional companies requesting advice, costs, services, etc. One of which is Have you had experience with them or would you have any others to recommend?

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      No I am not familiar with them. However, no matter who you get you should have a realistic budget in mind to do your project and any professional willing to take the job should be able to work within it. That meaning, don’t expect miracles for free nor hamfisted work for a fortune. A professional should be able to ascertain your needs without giving you the runaround. It is a good idea to check out potential outfits to do your work prior to contacting them.

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      For what it is worth Fora dot tv seems to be a middle man of some sort. It looks like they obtain video shot by someone else and post it on their site. It looks like they deal with talented shooters but I didn’t get the impression that they actual produced any of it.

      Where are you located? Most metropolitan areas have associations for videographers so try doing a search (online)in the area you plan to be and you should get a variety of results. I will agree that this is a pretty tall order which ever route you take. If you do it yourself you are faced with a good sized learning curve in video/audio capture and post production. Also factor in the time it will take you do it. It sounds like a seasoned pro might have their hands full let alone some one with little to no knowledge of the workflow. And if you decide to hire out I will just say that in most cases you get what you pay for.

      Good luck either way.


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      Thanks again for all the nuggets of info. I’ve met with a local company. They’ve agreed to lend us a hand trying to plan this endeavor.

      I have to say that this is a very helpful forum and I’m glad I came across it.


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