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      I’m looking to spend ~2000 on a new camera and I found an AG-DVX100B with 2 hrs on craigslist for $2k. I like what I have been reading in the reviews, but I’ve never bought a camera like this before, much less a used one.

      The ad states that the camera was bought for a large project which ended up falling through. The camera would include everything that was originally in the box, including the box. Assuming all that is true, is $2k reasonable for a used DVX100B?

      Is there anything in particular I should be wary about? Any suggestions on what to look for?

      Thanks in advance for your help

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      The DVX is a great camera, but I only recommend it for those who are serious about learning video. 2k is a great deal. Make sure you meet in person to make the transaction. This will minimize the chance of being scammed.

      also check out this link:

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      Yeah, the DVX seems like a lot of camera but I think that much less would just frustrate me. I got my start with the local community cable station when I was in High School and got used to their low end pro DVCPRO cameras (don’t recall the model off hand). It has been a while since I’ve done any projects, but I know that the lack of audio control/quality on a lower end camera will anger me and there is the difference in image quality.

      At this point, I think that its going to be a DVX100B or a PD170 and the choice is going to be a little harder if I don’t end up with this one.

      Thanks for the link, I was hoping to find something like that. Definately meeting the seller in person. Other than the general wisdom, the last CL camera ad I responded to was an escrow scam.

      Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.

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      I agree, if you’re serious, not having some of the features that make shooting easier, can be frustrating.

      Since you mentioned that you’re think about a DVX or PD170, I’ll let you know why I pick the PD170. I chose the PD170 because whenever I’ve used the DVX, the auto focus was slow. Given that I shoot a lot of sports, auto focus is important to me. Since I’ve gotten the PD170, I’ve found that it shoots a gorgeous image and virtually needs no light.

      The only thing I don’t like about the PD170 is where the iris wheel is located. It’s right behind the LCD, so if you’re shooting from a low angle and turn the LCD counter clockwise, so it’s facing upward, it gets in the way when you try to adjust theaperture. It’s annoying, but hey, nothing is perfect. Oh yea, and manually adjusting audio on the PD170 is in a menu rather than just having CH1 and CH2 wheels with a “auto/manual audio” switch.

      I have no doubt that you’ll be satisfied no matter which camera you purchase. They’re both great. If you think you want 24p, then you want the DVX because the PD170 doesn’t have that. If you want faster auto focus and better low light shooting, the PD170 is the way to go. Other than that, they’re basically the same camera.

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