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      This is my first official video to my Adventure Show. I had some help, but I’m looking to try and sell my show. Can anyone here help me with that?

      Thank you,

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      Again Luke, very difficult to watch –

      The camera shake is very distracting (I shot more steady video and I have Parkinson’s) – You can get a tripod for as low as $20 and I would strongly urge you to do so. Also, when you post info about the library, the sound gets really bad. You should also think of other ways to post the hours – the black PIP looks wrong as does it’s size & placement.

      Also, your framing is very amateurish – Your head, on a wide or medium wide shot, shot not be dead center of the screen – I will again suggest you get some basic photo/video training in things like rule of thirds. And again, stop the zooming in and out – set your shot and go with it.

      The audio was quite bad throughout – The music is too loud when someone is speaking.

      The only thing that came close to acceptable were the scrolling credits at the end, and even there you should add some space between the major sections.

      Sorry if this sounds harsh but I’m trying to help – really.

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      Luke, I applaud your efforts. It looks like you put a lot of time into this project but technically it needs some work. Like Birdcat said, an inexpensive tripod will do wonders. At the very least see if your camera has some kind of image stabilization function on it. The audio needs work. It sounds like you had a wireless mic that was prone to interference..maybe you should try a wired mic. Overexposed video and way too much headroom made it look kind of amaturish in parts. But don’t give up. Keep on trying.Like anything in life, the more you work at it the better you’ll get. Good luck.

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      I got a tripod, check!
      The sound was bad, Sony’s wireless mic failed me and I didn’t have a back up. I have a wired mic now and getting another wireless lav, and wireless hand held.
      Sorry about the loud music, still in learn more.
      I am an amateurish with lots of videos ideas, and a business degree. I’m working on making tons of money on video, so now I’m getting my ‘degree’ in video.
      Glad you liked the credits, my girl friend did that part.

      Wayne – Thanks and how do I avoid overexposed video?
      What is acceptable head room? I’m not sure I understand that?

      Thanks for the feedback guys!

      Live Happy Luke

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      Hi Luke –

      From this and other message threads you have started or posted to, your questions and your work scream out for some basic photo/video knowledge.

      I used to (successfully) teach photography and video production on cruise ships to everyone from 12 year old boys to 75 year old grandmas and everything in between. This was a photo & video 101 class. Here are PDF’s of the first two PowerPoints I used – If there is something mentioned you are not knowledgeable about, do a google search on that topic and read up on it.

      Caveat – This hasn’t been updated in four years.

      A good simple lighting tutorial:

      These won’t make Peter Jackson look over his shoulder for you, but they will help you.

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      <begin shameless plug> I produce a video web series, Video QuickTips hosted at more than 40 episodes so far, dealing with basic and not so basic information.

      <end shameless plug>

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      @Bill, Your videos on your site are GREAT. Thank you!

      Short, to the point, and very informative.

      I have subscribed to your news letter and have already watched about 10 of your videos.

      Keep it up!

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      Thanks Luke! Glad you enjoy them and find them useful.

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      Moab Man

      If you’re going to do an adventure show it needs some adventure. Check out these guys: started out as a small homegrown tv show in Utahand over time have come into their own. I’m not suggesting you copy what they are doing, but you can tell it’s a homegrown show and interesting.

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      @Moab Man , nice find!
      I will most definitely change it up a bit… Thanks for the nice find!

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