ADVC-110 Users: Audio Playback/Preview Set-up

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      Just curious…

      For those using ADVC-110 to capture analog,
      what is your set-up for previewing?
      (Editing with Adobe Elements)

      I’m getting a strange ‘feedback’ noise (high-pitch) from TV.

      My set-up:

      1) Playing VHS thru Panasonic AG-1970 VCR (w/TBC)
      (S-Vid, Comp.Audio OUT from RR to FRT of ADVC-110)

      2) Firewire (6-pin) from RR of ADVC-110 to PC

      3) Comp.A/V(out) from RR of ADVC-110(out) to VCR (in)(FRT)
      (VCR input A2)

      4) Comp.A/V(out) from RR of VCR (out) to TV/Monitor (in)

      How do you Capture & Preview what you’re capturing as well as what you have in your Project/Timeline?

      Thank you!

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      Feedback noise is ground loop hum.The components hooked up are on the same circuit,hence electricity is trying to ground from your PC to your tv instead of the outlet ground.Either swap out the a/c source for one of your components,or purchase a ground loop filter to resolve the matter.

      For me,I monitor the capture in the capture window (Premiere Pro).I’m not sure I understand about a timeline at the same time, you’re trying to edit on a timeline as well as in real time at the same time??..why not post edit the whole thing?Doesn’t make sense.

      For me,since the controls do not function in Capture on the vcr, I have to hit play on the deck and then hit record in the capture window. I clean up any unneccessary ends in post.Hope this helps.

      Good luck.

      ps I have the 110, works great.

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