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      Hello –

      This post is probably more “venting” than seeking information. . . please forgive me.

      Recently purchased Adobe’s Production Suite as a cross-grade from Final Cut Studio. The price was right at the time (about 50% off the normal price). Basically, I did this for a couple of reasons, including to take advantage of the 64-bit aspect that this set of programs have to offer as well as for the use of the After-Effects program. Before this purchase, I’ve been using Final Cut Studio for my modest video-editing needs.

      So. . . I’ve been using this collection of Adobe programs for recent video projects. Of course, this includes preparing the video for DVD authoring. Using Apple’s “Compressor”, I’ve been able to create the DVD files for authoring. I’ve always been able to (successfully) use “Dolby Digital Professional” for audio. On the Adobe’s side, yesterday I tried to use Media Encoder to prepare the video and audio for DVD authoring. Come to find out that it costs an extra $295 bucks to purchase and use its version of “Dolby Digital”. This was highly disappointing.

      To be clear, I most likely would STILL have purchased this Adobe cross-grade if I knew about this extra expense. I just wish there was some “truth in advertising” on Adobe’s part and warned potential customers of such extra expenses before a purchase is made. This extra expense was a surprise for me. Don’t know if I’ll make that extra purchase or not. I still have Apple’s “Compressor” to re-format the audio to “Dolby Digital”.

      Curious. . . How can it be that Apple can offer such a function for free and one has to pay significant $$$$ for a similar function offered by Adobe? (I say this in light of the fact that it generally costs lots more $$$ to purchase Adobe’s products. I’ve been purchasing stuff from Adobe for years.)

      Other than this, I’m happy with the purchase. Still have lots to learn in using Adobe’s Production Suite. Hope I don’t come across any more hidden potential costs, though.

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