Adobe Premiere Pro refuses to play–can anyone help?

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      *Has anyone experienced this problem? Any ideas for solutions?*

      So I’m using Premiere Pro 1.0 (my first mistake, I know) and out of the blue, the playhead refuses to move without me dragging it. After pressing play, redering, or using the shuttle interface (all things that should send the playhead a’playin’), I get nothing. It moves just fine when I drag it or use the scrub wheel, although it won’t scrub the audio when I do so (although with my settings it should).

      I’ve tried restarting Premiere and then restarting my computer (2 times), neither of which have any effect. As a result, I have no way to hear the audio in my movie, and editing without the play function is, as you can imagine, a royal pain. Worst comes to worst, I’ll reinstall Premiere, but I’d rather not do so in the middle of a big project.

      If any of the knowledgable folks on this forum can be of any help to me, I’ll greatly appreciate it.


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      Hummm interesting!

      I’m thinking that something has gotten currupted within PPro since it is a direct working function within the program. Unfortunaly the only way to fix that is to uninstall and reinstall.

      Now don’t quote me on this but typically when you do this, the uninstaller will just uninstall the program proper. In other words it should leave any files that were NOT part of the original install alone. This would be like configurations and your working files. The million dollar question is will it do that here.

      Check to see if there a repair utility built in? Otherwise I would start backing stuff up and try reinstalling it. Nine out of ten times this usually works.

      I guess you can’t rule out viruses either.

      Maybe check out Adobe’s forum!


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      Fortunately for me, compusolver, the repair option ended up working, although I had my doubts just like you. I do wonder how long it’ll last, but for now I’ve got my play functionality back so I can’t complain.

      Who knows what Pro 1.0 will throw at me next time, but at least I won this round. Thank you guys for the sugestions.

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      PPro is a pretty stable program. If it keeps corrupting on you, there could be other issues going on such as viruses or worse yet… HD problems. 😯 One of the first signs of hard drives going are random problems such as files becoming corrupted or your PC hangs up once in a while. You can help yourself by doing some basic disk maintenance but I would keep a watchful eye on how it’s acting.


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