Adobe premiere pro CS5 and Magix video pro X2

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I hope that someone can put me in the right direction. I have been doing video editing for a long time not as a profession. I used for a long time Ulead Media Studio Pro 8. I recently bought a very powerful 64 bit operating system and I want to drop Media studio pro and choose a new editing software. I am undecided between Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and MAgix video edit Pro x2. I tried both softwares for a month and I learnt the Magix in no time while it's taking me a lot more time to learn the Adobe. Should I stick to the Adobe or is Magix just as good ? Thank you, Umberto.

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I went from Pinnacle Studio (which isn't so bad) to Adobe Premiere Pro and I love it, don't regret the switch and don't look back. The Adobe site is loaded with tutorials, and like anything else, you get out of itwhat you put in to it. I can't speak to Magix, but I can say Adobe's top notch (in my experience).