Adobe Premiere Elements, worth upgrading to?

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      Hi, I currently use Ulead video studio 9, and this worked fine for the basics, but I’m now finding that some of the more advanced things I’m trying to do I dont have the capabilities to do. So I was wondering if anyone had experience with both Ulead and Adobe Prem Elements and could tell me if they thought Adobe would be a noticeable step up? I’m thinking in terms of colour manipulation and a,ount of filters etc.

      Thanks for your time.

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      What kind of specific capabilities are you looking for?

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      PE4 is very buggy and crashes regularly. I returned it to adobe for a refund and upgraded my PP1.5 to PPCS3.

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      Here is a great article

      Most of the problems have been sorted out and there are workarounds or fixes.

      Premiere Elements 4 has been very stable for XP users, not as stable for Vista users.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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