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      I am a stone cold new b & have a question or few. I have a Samsung SC-D103 & looking for a new computer (decision will be made after I get my editing software). The main question I have is which is better for a new b to start with? IE.. easier learning curve, after the sale training & tutorials available, etc. My interests are outdoors, a bit of photo journalism, & editing family videos. Growing this into a business would be nice but at this point in time it is a looonnnggg way off. I would be doing this primaily on my ownbecause I don’t have anyone to tutor me yet and living in the middle of nowhere (Wyoming) leaves me with scant educational opportunities in the subject.

      I have another question but will split it off into another topic.

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      STHU NOOB!!!


      I don’t think any video editing software has an easy learning curve. Pinnacle 12 has a pretty good user community that I have found to be helpful, and it has a low cost, so I guess that’s my recommendation.

      Will it be a good choice for your first couple gigs years from now, probably.

      It can be outgrown though, but by then your hobby will be paying for the $1500 editing packages and $6k cameras.

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      I have to say Pinnicle Studio Ultimate version 12. I use it for my video production company and it works great!

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      I’d have to agree, i enjoy using Pinnacle 12. With thisrelease,Pinnacle has finally done things right.

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      I definetily recommend Pinnacle Studio 14 ultimate, the latest version. It comes loaded with many useful effects and plug ins and I find it easy to use. Well, I started with version 9, so that’s probably why it seems easy, but it’s price is also very affordable and when you are ready for more, you go to liquid and if you still go further, then you can upgrade to avid, that is the editing software used by profesionals.

      One of the best things in pinnacle version 14 is Toonit! a plug in that converts your video in a cartoon.

      Something else I found, is that if you are a qualified student (college, university) you can get avid for about $300, (the retail is more than $2,000)

Viewing 4 reply threads
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