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      I have been using Adobe Premier Elements on my HP Media Center PC for the past year. I generally like the software except for its audio editing capabilities, which one reviewer described as "mediocre." Morgan Paar, in the March issue, had this to say: "Sound editing is fairly rudimentary. Thankfully, there are audio meters as well as rubber banding on the timeline, but Premiere Elements 2.0 lacks a dedicated audio editing interface." I wish I could select specific frequencies, for instance, and edit them to reduce or increase specific sounds in a track.

      More than ten years ago, I had Pro Audio Studio on my computer which I used to edit the sound track for a video project for output to analog tape. But I really don’t know what I am doing with audio and I have been frustrated in my search for some basic instructional materials. Perhaps I need to buy some audio editing software (along with a more powerful sound card than the one that came with my system). Any suggestions or advice out there about all of this? My wife wants to know what I want for Xmas.

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