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      Is there anywhere I can get some training for this program? There are many things I’d like to do but I’m not sure if this program does it. I’d like to import pictures that I can, at times, put in place of video but I can’t seem to get it to work. If this program does allow pictures to be imported, is there a way to create movement so that it looks like we are zooming in, panning right, etc., on the picture?

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      You should be able to import images the save way you import video, by using the Get Media button. What happens when you try to import photos?

      I believe that there are presets and the ability to animate position and scale for a still image (or video for that matter) to create teh pan and zoom effects.

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      I use PE3 but I would imagine it is the same process.Right above my timeline is a video camera Icon. This is the “Get Media” function. It can also be found under the file command in the top left corner. Select the option for “files and folders” which brings up the typical explore window. Find the folder with your pictures and click on them. You can import multiple pictures from a folder using the shift or control key and the arrows. It should recognize most file formats for pictures (jpg,giff,tiff,psd,etc).

      As for adding motion you can click on the picture on the timeline which will select that picture in the properties window. Form there you need to set keyframes for when and whereyou want the picture to start moving and when and where you want it to stop. The help command at the top should tell you about in more detail. You may be able to find some information at the forums. They have some specific to the Elements software.

      Hope it helps.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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