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      Whenever I try to export a video into MPEG, Windows Movie Maker, or Quicktime, an error pops up saying: Adobe Premiere Elements Failed To Return A Video Frame. Canceling operation. What do I do about this?

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      I am having this Exact problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0, And have found Nothing to help me out with this Error. It seems there are plenty of people having this problem with Adobe Premiere ‘Pro.’ and there are 2 patches to fix the problem. No luck with Elements tho. It’s really, really frustrating.

      I’ve tried Watching it while it’s Exporting, and find at what present it stops. Then save as a new project and Delete all the frames before, and around that area, then Export again and wait until it stops at X%, So on till I find the Clip that seems to be making the problem. But this didn’t work out to well for me, and if you do find the Video Clip Elements is having a problem with, you’ll need to delete it, witch, in most cases is not possible without messing up your Film.

      All and all, after 2 days of this, I’m about ready to put a hole through my monitor.

      I would GREATLY appreciate ANY Help; I’m at a total loss. The only thing I can do is wait for an idea at this point.
      And seems Skateboardfilmer is not having the best time with this ether.

      – Exiled Videos

Viewing 1 reply thread
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