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      Hello !

      A talented friend (worked in TV Commerical industry -20 yrs) is helping me with my documentary project. When I started in Nov. 2007, little did I know that I would have file format compatibility issues using Premiere Elements & Premiere Pro.

      Much to my dismay and annoyance ! Premiere Pro does NOT SUPPORT Adobe .Prel file formats. Lesson learned if your serious about NonLinear Editing, don’t use Premiere Elements!

      Adobe Online Support for Elements and Premiere Pro do not make any reference in either programs online or in Manuals. With this said I would not use Premiere Pro because exporting the finished (final rough cut) to Final Cut Pro there are several issues related to creating an EDL.

      However, I admit this is my limited experience. Use CAUTION AND AVOID UNCESSARY FRUSTRATION.

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      Premiere Pro can in fact open Premiere Elements projects. You would use the open command and not the import command, but it should import the project file and then the media used in the project.

      What versions of the programs were you trying it with?

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