Adobe Premiere – Close Ups?

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      I’ve been shooting some medium spots of actors, and then having them perform a few takes after zooming in tight for their close ups. Then, I edit in Edius using these shots.

      In Adobe Premiere is it possible to zoom in on their faces in a medium shot to create a close up? If so, how far can you zoom in without the video becoming pixelated? I’d like to keep things in high def.


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      Yes it is possible to rescale the image (look in the Help section for rescaling/resizing). Problem is; when you rescale, the image gets softer the more you rescale. Rescaling is an option of last resort as it is better to shoot your close-ups (not zoomed in ones) during production even if it means doing a few extra takes. It will save you or your editor some headaches in the edit bay. Now you’ll no doubt want to try and sharpen the softer rescaled image to make it look like it did at normal size. Don’t waste your time.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      you’ll do your rescaling in AE, not premiere. Still losing quality of course but not as much as in your favorite NLE.

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      Ya can’t disagree with “The Dude”.

      AE will do a much better job but if you want the “effect” of a faux zoom in post you could edit the project in 720p using a larger 1920x 1080 source video, then you would actually be scaled down for the project and scaling back to 100% or just a bit more to get the effect without blowing it out. This of course depends a lot on what your output media is needed to be. Say if its just a web video for youtube you could go this route to get the effect.

      Everything I export to youtube is exported in 720p anyway so at times I take advantage of this. A little paning every now and then as well.

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      Thanks for the advice everyone!

      I’m new to this stuff….AE? After Effects?

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      “…You’ll do your rescaling in AE, not premiere.”

      Agreed, provided you have it. WSanford’s suggestion for After Effects is a good one provided you originally shot the footage in 1080i/p. There are other ways to try and tweak the footage to cut down on resolution loss from rescaling (converting the clip to uncompressed .mov or .avi comes to mind), but no matter what you do rescaling will cause resolution loss. As I said before, the best fix in this situation is to shoot your close-ups during production to save yourself headaches later in the Edit Bay. Doing up a shot list and or Storyboard prior to the shoot are good tools to keep you from forgetting shots you’ll need later. Remember, it’s better to have extra shots than too few!

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