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      I am importing hd video into Adobe Premiere 8 and in the Organizer all I can view are the blue film icons and not the actual footage. How can I view the clips under the icons. I can double click the blue icon and it will play the clip.

      Thanks for any help

      Frank Lytle

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      I gues you mean Adobe Premiere Elements 8, if so click the List View buttonor the Icon View button at the bottom of the panel and so on. Read this


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      I tried you solution but it did no solve the problem. I still get blue film icons instead of being able to view the underlying clip.

      I have imported from two different hd video cameras and have the same problem. I can import the clips in a Panasonic view software and am able to see all clips with no problem.

      Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

      I have contacted Adobe but not received any help

Viewing 2 reply threads
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