Adobe Premier Pro CS3 Crashes when Importing Adobe OnLocation HD Time-lapse foot

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      There is a bug in either Premier Pro or OnLocation that does not allow Premier to Import HD Time-Lapse footage from OnLocation.

      Adobe Tech support confirmed the bug but did not think it would be fixed anytime soon. This is an attitude about fixing bugs that seams to be prevalent at Adobe.

      Has anybody else run across this bug and is there any 3rd party software that will take the HD footage from OnLocation and change it to allow Premier to accept it?

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      Can you play the video using a media player? Are you able to load it into anything at all? You can rule out a problem with OnLocation if you are able to play it back with other software. Then you can try using a simple file conversion program to either another format or right back out in the same format. It’s worth a try anyway.

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      Thanks for the reply BM!

      I can open it in Media Player but I don’t know of a program that will take in HD and convert keeping the HD quality that I am after. Any Suggestions?

      I think the problem is inPremier and After Effects although I don’t know why these programs, all owned by Adobe, would not follow the same file specification and actually crash the program.

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      Because while Adobe has owned and developed Premiere and After Effects for years, OnLocation was part of the recent Serious Magic (last year or so) acquisition and hasn’t really been integrated into the suite. It is really just a stand alone program at the moment just like Ultra.

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