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      I have created a work of art, eventually, in Adobe Premiere Elements 4.

      Trying to re-open it causes much stress though, but I usually achieve it somehow.

      I have a file, over 4 hours in length (video and audio), and have tried several times to ‘burn’ it to DVD.

      I didn’t know you can’t do this if the file will not fit onto a DVD. I assumed you could easilly put it on a few DVD’s.

      Not being of a technical nature, I’m now totally lost.

      The programme just says ‘Memory Allocation Error’.

      Any help out there?

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      Four hours can be fitted onto a single DVD, but you need to lower the quality of the video considerably. Since I don’t use Adobe, I’m not sure how it burns a video to DVD. But if it would burn the DVD if the file were less than 4.4 gigs, I say make your own MPG2 file. So instead of selecting to Burn to DVD, render your 4 hour video to MPG2 format. You will need to adjust your compression settings to turn what would be a 48 gig AVI2 video file to become a 4.4 gig MPG2 file.

      But have you tried to burn less than the entire work of art to one DVD? Once again, I don’t know the steps, but I know there is a simple way to use the NLE to select the first hour or so and then Burn to DVD just the selected region. Or to maintain as much quality as possible, you might need to render that selected hour of video to your hard drive, in any format you’d like. Then close that NLE project, load the hour of rendered video into your NLE and then Burn to DVD just that hour.

      One last thing, are you sure your computer has enough free hard drive space to do what you are asking it to do? You could have run out of memory on your hard drive during the rendering process. If you still want to try to burn the entire four hours to one DVD, then clear a bunch of memory space so the NLE can render the video.

      In closing, I’m guessing the real problem here is that you are limited in the amount of time you can render on one DVD. The easiest solution is to select only that portion on your EDL for the Burn to Disc function. Maybe someone familiar with Adobe can detail the actual steps to do it.

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      I use Adobe 4.0 on a regular basis.

      1. General rule of thumb: one hour of files equals 4G You need three times that amount of space to process. Thus you need at least 36G available and Adobe will not handle this.

      2. Never exceed an hour in a project if you can help it. I recently did a file with 1400 clips and text entries and it came in at 52 min. and 3G. Keep it simple.

      3. Whenever you go to burn, do not 7unckeck the Available space arrow. The entry underneath will tell you how much space you need. If it is over 4G for single layer or 8G for double, it will not proces.

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