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      I am completely new to video editing and filming. I am using a DV camcorder for filming source, using Adboe Premier CS3.

      I am having a great difficulty importing my file into CS3.

      I tried importing a couple different ways and I am getting the same results. I tried importing the original file, which is the full capture 9GB file, and when I start the import process the program freezes, all of the buttons become non-active. so I did a re-capture of a clip of 10 minutes and tried importing again and had the same results.

      The interesting common occurrence is I went to import and cancelled the process. Going back into the program I experienced the same result, the program buttons were not accessible, as if the program froze. Going into the Windows Task Manager, Premier is showing “Running” status. So even though the program is not actually importing, but the import process was selected the program is freezing up.

      This is a Windows XP, 180GB Harddrive w/ 47% free/available, and 2GB Ram.



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      i don’t use Adobe, I use Final Cut. I hear they are the same though, so here goes.

      You should be able access a log and capture feature. Here is where you mark in and out points of clips you want to capture from your tape.

      You need to connect your camera to your computer via firewire, but not firewire 800. You may also need to have the camera connected and switched to playback/vcr mode before you launch the editing program.

      your settings for capture should be the DV/DVCPro NTSC 48kHz codec.

      i wouldn’t capture a whole tape. It’s a lot of data and you’re probably taking up more space in your computer than you need to be.

      ummm….i dunno what else to tell ya

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      I have been able to capture the footage through firewire w/ Premiere and it creates an .avi file. I have done the whole tape, a 10 minute in/out and a 2 minute in/out point file. All of them hang the program when I attempt to import the file. And as a reminder, the program hangs even when I select to import but cancel the process, so no data is sent through the process.



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      Is it only with this file? What happens when you try to import the footage into a new document.

      Was the program working fine before you started trying to use this footage?

      Have you installed the latest updates for Premiere Pro?

      Ever had a problem with the video or sound cards? Are you running the most up to date drivers for them?

Viewing 3 reply threads
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