Adobe Premeire Pro Audio Encoding error 2 pass vbr/cbr issue

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      My problem seems to be only when I try to convert a project to a Windows Media File. I use the 2 pass VBR method. I get an error the Audio encoding failed and am told to try one pass or CBR (Constant Bit Rate). I try this but get the same message. I first encountered this issue a year ago and found the fix online but thought it was a one time issue so I did not record how I fixed it and now I have forgotten what I did to fix it.Adobe says they will no longer support Premiere Pro 2 and promptly ended the techsupport. Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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      The error reads: audio encoding failed if audio is in 2-pass vbr encoding mode try either cbr or 1 pass encoding

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      Ok this turned out to be an issue with screen ratio and not an audio issue at all. When you export to file Adobe Pro gives you several options on aspect ratio. I fooled with this until it no longer gave me this error. Still wondering why the error happened, but gald that I have moved passed it. Oh and I almost forgot…I purchased the latest version of Adobe Pro CS4 so at least I should be able to get some tech support next time.

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      Maybe try the Adobe User to User forum or muvipix next time πŸ˜‰

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