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      I have an HD project where I am taking the raw footage, saving it to my external hard drive, doing a rough edit and then passing the shorter version on to a colleague. My colleague works on a mac with Final Cut Pro. What is the best way for me to deliver the footage – ie least amount of quality loss.



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      I’m not sure which version of Premiere you are using, but you should be able to export an XML and/or EDL. After that, hand off your footage (along with the XML or EDL) to your partner. He should be able to import the XML and/or EDL into FCP and reconnect to your footage without any quality loss.

      This works when with BASIC sequences – cuts, dissolves, etc. Effects added to any clips in PP may not translate into FCP.

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      Interesting. I am working on a PC with Ppro CS 5. Did I mention that I am working with a PC? Is there a way for us to work with the same external hard drive, or would you save the original footage on the SD cards?

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      You should be able to work on the same external drive, but I’m not positive since Windows formats drives differently than Mac. Give it a shot and see what happens. Just make sure you stuff is backed up incase the drive is erased for whatever odd reason…

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      You should be able to work on the same external drive, but I’m not positive since Windows formats drives differently than Mac.

      There is a program called MacDrive ( for Windows machines ) which will allow a PC to read Mac formatted drives.

      Rick Crampton

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      Ditto Macdrive! I run into this one quite a bit.

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      Thanks for all the info. All seemed fine with

      All seems easy enough with the Adobe portion – I am exporting the project with Export/Final Cut Pro XML option (I have my media files on an external hard drive on my computer. We then took the project to FCP 7, logged and transferred the footage and then imported the project. I see the timeline with the basic framework correct, but the media is offline. We are unable to reconnect the media. Is there a good tutorial online? I’ve tried youtube etc.

      Thanks so much

      P.S. I am NOT worried about transitions or other edits translating to FCP. I am just doing a very basic edit.

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