Adobe PP DVDS and Videotape

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      Hows it going everyone,
      Ive been trying to make 2hr segments of video from old 3 Stooges from my video tapes to DVD. I have them broken down into two hr segments without commecials (for personal use only). They have been turned into M2vs, but cannot get my Roxio DVD Builder to see the files. If im not mistaken, a DVD can hold 2hrs, right? Ive tried avi, but you can imagine how big that file is. any help ?

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      The 2 hr. thing is based on the bit rate among other things. You may only get about 1 1/4 hrs or so at high constant bit rates. But that should have no bearing on whether the software recognizes the file. But, so you know, you may not get the whole 2 hrs on 1 dvd.

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