Adobe PE7 – quality issues when sharing to .wmv format

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      I shot a 4 minute AVCHD video,did the editing in Premeier Elements 7, went to the share menu, selected .wmv for the format and the resulting product is very soft focus, as in a lot of compression was going on. I see other .wmv videos on the internet that look great. I’m using Adobe’s standared presets. Can anyone provide any suggestions for making a quality .wmv with these tools? Thanks very much

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      What preset are you using? Have you tried raising the bit rate under the Advanced settings? everything you ever wanted to know about Premiere Elements πŸ™‚

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      I think several reasons can cause the output quality not as good as you expect. You use Adobe’s standard preset, that may not suitable for WMV format output. If the output size is much smaller compared with that of the source material imported, quality loss can happen too. Chuckengels is right, you can adjust the bit rate to get a good quality If you can afford a bigger size. One thing you might try to get higher quality with lower file size is to adjust your encoder for VBR(variable bit rate) rather than CBR(constant bit rate). Your encoder will understand what has to be encoded at high rates and do so and conversely, it understand what portions can get by with a lower encoding rate and it will encode accordingly.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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