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      I shoot using the Sony HDR-FX1 it is HD and 16×9. I edit with PP 1.5

      When I try to export my project using the media encoder to a .mov (so I can stream it on the web) it is squeezing my video into a 4×3 format. I have selected a widescreen format I have even created a custom preset with widescreen NTSC 720×480 16×9 (1.2) and I still get the 4×3. I have even tried having the settings for same as project, which gets it closer but there is still a noticable stretch to the video.

      If I export an avi everything works great and looks great.

      Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong or what I don’t understand?

      Thank you!

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    I’m suspecting that the Premiere settings are not the ones to set. In your drop down list where you select the type of file to export, after you select .mov, there is probably an "advanced settings" button that controls the .mov compressor. I know its there when I export as an MPEG2 file. Look for the extra settings button. I don’t have PPro 1.6, I’m using v6.5.

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    Yes I have tried to adjust settings in both locations and I can get it close but it is still not right. Inside the advanced settings, during export, I have told it that I want it 16×9 1.2 but it still changes it. I am not sure why it is doing what it is doing. Any other Ideas?

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    I doubt this is it BUT. . .

    Are you playing each version of your exported file in the same media player? Could your media player be set to display 4:3 no matter what?

    If your setting your export settings correctly, it should be right. Maybe its the playback device (Windows media players, Quicktime player, or others) that have a settings preference for displaying video.

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