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      I am really torn about this, and need some help understanding Adobe’s policy. I have a friend who is a contractor for a computer company. He has a copy of the Adobe Master Collection of CS4 with a Volume License Key. This company installs CS5 now and told him to do what he wants with the CS4 discs. Now I am totally against any piracy in my company. I don’t want people stealing my work, and I don’t want to knowingly steal anyone elses work.

      That being said, if my friend was to give me a copy of this disc, with the volume license key, would that be a “legal” copy, or wiould this still be considered piracy?

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      Check with Adobe and get their take on it if you really don’t want to violate their material.

      That said, would your friend share a disc w/ me and a license key? I’ll never be able to afford it any other way.


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      If you’re going to take software from someone, you have to receive the original discs along with the license key, and they must not have it on their computer.

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      You can get a transfer licence from Adobe

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