adobe cs5.5 tech spec ?

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      Ok so i was going to order this comp from dell.. it was going to have a nvidia geforce gt530 card in it. this card isnt listed in the spec section for cs5.5 as being supported, will it still work or do i have to get one of he cards that it specifically lists?

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      I’m pretty sure it will still work and also pretty sure you could run the hack and add it to the list for the MPE. Here is an article on it

      When I upgraded to CS5, the new machine I bought came with a gtx 260 navidia card. I had to run the hack to get the MPE to work but its something I rarely use. You still need to render to see things in a good enough quality, meaning being able to see any artifacting or moire and even color levels before a final output.

      At first I had planned to upgrade cards but its smokes even 2k faster than I need for my workflow as is, so I’ve left well enough alone. If you’re not looking to work with a tone of vector graphics and need to time them real time to your video, I wouldn’t even mess with the MPE.

      Both the gt530 and the gtx 260 I have use DDR3 memory and are slower than a DDR5 memory card but I’m faster than I could ask for already editing AVCHD from a VG10. I think you would be fine.

      Just my two bits

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      ok thanks i was just trying to make sure before i put my order in on this computer

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