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      I’m looking for a new computer for editing. Not necessarily a pro-class workstation, but something with enough horsepower to run a high capacity program such as Adobe CS5. I’m looking at either Dell or HP at the moment, and the average person seems to lean more toward HP systems.

      I’m trying to keep the total no more than about $1500 which seems almost impossible.I don’t need the absolute fastest gear out there yet, but need a goodcomputer that can run the NLEsystem at a decent performance and is future proof with many hardware upgrade options as money will allow. Any suggestions?

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      Take a look at Newegg or TigerDirect for a laptop with enough gas and a gpu capable of pushing CS5. My co’ just picked up a Toshiba Quosmio 18″ for just under $1500. Now if the total for the laptop is $1500, Toshiba, Dell, HP and ASUS make some laptops that will fill the bill. If you’re thinking about $1500 for the laptop and software, forget it. CS5 production bundle retails at around $1600 and Premiere alone at $750.

      Check the specs against CS5 and the laptop of your choice. Pay specific attention to the type of CPU, RAM and GPU requirements CS5 lists and what your choice has. Doing that you should be able to make a very informed choice.

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      You’d be better off with a current iMac and CS5 but you’re still going to break your budget on it.

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      Thanks for the feedback Earl and composite. Composite: It’d be a dream come true for the laptop and software to total at $1500, but yea the $1500 is for the computer only. Earl: Interesting you suggest the iMac. I’ve considered, and have been looking at different ones as my school has a licensing with Apple for special student discounts. My concern for iMac is: limitations. I’m really set on the nvidia graphics rather than ATI. Also, I’ve never been a MAC user, but have used imac at school and LOVE it, I here they’re famous for their stability..or is that just a rumor?

      Although Adobe specifies Intel Core 2 Duo for CS5, I assumed one of the i 3, i 5 or i 7 processors would’ve been better? Or, am I assuming completely wrong?If you wouldn’t mind, could you take a look at this link?

      Thanks again guys, this really helps with my researching before going out and spending (what for me is a fortune)


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