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      Need help ! Used adobe premiere 6.0about seven or eight years ago. worked very well. Done no editing since. Have a Sony HDR-FX1 and need to do a little editing. Looking for something under a $1,000.00. Doing a short 30 to 40 min. clip on cropdusting. Any suggestions as to edit software would be most helpful. I have heard the Adobe cs3 may fall in this price range.

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      I’ve heard Adobe CS3 is pretty good. If you have a Mac, you can get the Final Cut Studio bundle for $600 if you order by phone and say you’re a student. Get a kid to do it or something. They don’t check. Just make sure you tell them you go to a school that actually have a film and/or video program.

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      Hmm. robgrauert doesn’t sound as honest as Old Abe.

      I recommmend both Adobe CS3 adn Final cut studio, but if they’re too expensive, look at sony vegas. It can do some simple compositing stuff, really easy editing, once you know what your doing. Save time and stuff. It’s great and I think the Pro version with DVD Architrect is $800 or so. Make sure to getas many audioplug in effects as you can and some video ones would alos be helpful.

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      The Student version of Production Premium is 600. I believe that included 10 programs, several of them industry standard. The full retail verion is 1800.

      If you just want Premiere the student version is 350, I am not sure what the retail version costs but probably twice as much.

      Keep in mind that Premiere Pro CS3 is very different from Premiere 6. They are actually completely different programs and function very differently from one another.

      If all you need to do is edit the footage then to be honest pretty much any program will work for you including several that are only about 300-400 dollars. But if you are looking for a complete out of the box solution to capturing-editing-audio sweeting-effects-graphics-deployment then a suite like Adobe Production Premium or Final Cut Studio might be better for you. I would suggest the Production premium simply because it has both more applications and more of them are industry standard in their field.

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      If you’re doing a 30-40 minute clip, especially if the deadline is creeping up, I’ve found Sony Vegas to be much faster to edit with than other video editors, especially when it comes to adding dissolves, changing your mind and going back to a cut, back to a dissolve…You’re doingit in the timeline with your mouse, instead of dragging out of a menu or window somewhere like Final Cut and Avid.

      Vegas is the most pro, fastest, cheapest editor I know of that is good quality and can do all kinds of things.

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      Thanks for all the info. I will go for the cs3 as of now. No hurry on this project, I just follow the plane around for a year. Maybe I can learn a little editing along the way and be ready for the finished product when / if that time arrives. Thanks again.

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      Just to add one thing, Adobe’s DVD creation product, Encore CS3 is now included with the purchase of Premiere Pro CS3…


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      It might be a littlelateto addthis, but mostofthose applications/suites have trialsso youcanalways download a trialofeach oneand try itoutabitandsee what you like best?

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