Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 offered 50% off?

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Good News (?)for anyone interested in "SWITCHING" to Adobe CS 5.5, "50% off to switch from your current software",(until March 2, 2012).

I missed the last 50% discount for Premier Pro because I was not aware that Adobe would acceptsoftware "Switches" other than the onesspecified inthier ad, (Until I read information to the contrary,shared by videomaker forum members). I was excited to findthe software I use also applies to this current50%discount. Of course youshould verify your current software also applies, but they seem very lient, and didn't require any documentation from me.

Howeverthis belssingcomes with mixed emotions? The chat room (marketing)tells me I get "free"technical support with the purchase. From every thing I have read in theVideomaker frorum,and seen in Adobe's fourm,it is almost worth whatyou pay for it - Nothing? Just theinstallationprogramseemsto have some major glitches, (comments in theAdobe forum) and I was less than impressed by some of the responses offeredas solutions.

The chat room (marketing) alsotold mea "hard copy" of the users manual is avaliable, and would be sent to mewith purchase. Adobe's fourm comments I foundwere,"Nobody includes dead tree manuals anymore."Another comment was, "Printed manuals for some products are available through the store..." Although neither comment was made by an Adobe employee (that I could tell) I am getting very nervousabout purchasing this product even at half price.

I used the 30 day free tiral of Premier Pro last year, and inspite of the limitations of the free trial, I found it to be more than adequate for my skill level and needs. However I don't need a nightmare program that will cost me another $500 bucks in a few weeks to upgrade to another bug ridden version of CSwhich may or may notsolve the bugs of the 5.5 version.

I sense at times that users in this forum seem tolike Premier Pro, inspite of the challenges.I am looking for some confidence builders here,to make me feel like these are problems that can be productively worked through, and thatI will be more happy than discouraged with the purchase.

My decision time is limited, so I appreciate any response.


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Tracker, I have been using Adobe products for years and if you can get it half off, jump on it. 5.5 is awesome and I use it all the time. There were a few glitches in the printing side of CS5 that have been worked out ins 5.5 but the video side is rock solid. All I can say is go for it and if you need any help hit me up.

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Charles sez:

"All I can say is go for it and if you need any help hit me up."

Brace yerself . . . . I just got my half-off CS 5.5 suite Friday. As soon as I get my new computer completed and shaken downI expect to find myself catapulted into a land of mystery. I haven't checked out the box yet, but I was told by the sales person thatit containsa disc which is the complete manual in Acrobat format.

Rick Crampton

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Your comment is really enough to send me over the purchase edge, as long as I don't hear anything real negative soon. I appreciate your confidence and offer for help.I will most likely be back withsome questions in the future, and it is themembers like you that really make this forum worth while, and so good.


The info. about the manual is helpful, and that makes sense to have it on disk. I can live with that, and that way I won't have to kill a tree, just prune it up some. I will be looking forward to hearing only good things from your venture into theland of mystery, on which you are about to embark.

I plan holding offordering my copy until February 25<span>th</span> or 26th, just to see if others others might share acomment.

Thanksto both of you for taking yourtime to respond.



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Just a quick +1- CS 5 Production Premium is excellent.  Each program on its own is solid- the entire suite is rich with tools and function.

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I bought CS5.5 production premium yesterday. Can't wait for it to arrive!

Each program on its own is solid- the entire suite is rich with tools and function.

Tell me about it. The best thing is using Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects and Encore at the same time. Also I'm really curious about Audition. Haven't use it for almost three years, since I change to Mac. Let's see what new things it has.


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Thank you all for taking your time to give me some feedback, I am convienced that Adobe CS5.5 will be a good Purchase, so I am going to do it!

Hope to be reading about your success, and othertips you giveto users in this forum. Anyone wishing to add comments please do so, I will be checking back on this string in the future.

Thanks again,


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Unfortunately this does not include Master Collection

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I purchased this through download last week through Adobe ,because it was "recommended" that I get used to editing across other software besides Vegas Pro. I saw the switch ad (which was a great marketing ploy mixed with the 1/2 off promo), and jumped at the chance to get it.

The 1/2 alone was worth more considering the power of this product. Thanks for sharing.

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