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      I just came off the Adobe site. They have offer to furnish all the creative suite latest versions of all software with constant updates for $30 a month to registered users.

      Currently, I’m usingthe sony vegas pro 11 with plugins, and audio forge.The new version of Vegas has given me many problems with CTD, ETC.

      The CS from adobe includes the Adobe Premier(video editor), auditionand after effects. I thought I”d ask, what other videomakers think about going to the adobe suite and blowing off the vegas.I realize there will be a learning threshold to cross over, but I’m thinking withAdobe Premier,audition and After Effects included it might be a great deal.

      It also includes illustrator and photoshop,which I rarely use. I currently own the CS4 design suite,which I acquired for photoshop. Photoshop is great for photos, but I dont’use with video.

      Another thought of concern. The plugins for sony vegas are expensiveand if more effectsare included with tge after effects that would be a huge plus. Recent promotion for newblueFx from sony was $100 per pack, and I only needed a couple of the effects of each pack.I was going to have to spend over $300 for what I needed. Since I amnot professional videographer Icannot justify that kind of expense for my projects.

      Anyway, I’d appreciate to read any comments on this

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      I’ve been using Vegas pro since version 9, and must admit that version 11 has problems. That said, I will stick with Vegas even though the new adobe product looks great, I know my way around Vegas and keep version 10 on my computer along with 11. I’ve looked at some of the tutorials for Adobe on You Tube and it looks like adobe is not as user friendly in how one might get the work done. I must also say that Vegas 11 has gotten better and better with each update. I find that I am using it more and more especially when I am doing a “simple” cut job. I don’t leave a project on the time line for more than the first render, since the latest Vegas might stick a single green frame in between my cuts. I also use it for my final cuts due to the speed of rendering

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      I love Adobe but wonder whether you can dynamic link with the online service the way you can with the full suite I have?

      That would be a huge factor in deciding whether to switch, to me, at least. I am constantly dynamic linking from Premiere to AE, etc.

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      You download the software, so I’m sure the dynamic link works just the same.

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