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      I wish I used with After Effects CS3 buy. Now to my question:

      Can I have this program synonymous video footage and cut in several video tracks arranged, like in Vegas or Final Cut?



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      No. After Effects is not meant for cutting video and absolutely not used for audio.

      After Effects is for compositing/special effects and motion graphics. If you don’t know what compositing is, it’s taking 2 or more elements and combining them to make it look like all elements were originally in the shot. For example, the movie Transformers. The Transformers are made in a 3D modeling program. The compositors use After Effects, Shake or whatever compositing program they prefer and combine the 3D models with the footage to make it look like the Transformers were originally in the shot.

      That said, you shoot your footage, cut it together in Final Cut, then whatever clips need compositing or effects should be brought into After Effects, then exported back to your NLE.

      Audio can be monitored in After Effects if you want to make sure you are on beat or creating your project at a good pace, but you don’t edit audio or After Effects.

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      Premiere Elements, and Premiere Pro are video editors, Soundbooth and Audition are the Adobe Audio Editors.

      You can accomplish a lot with the Elements versions. There are some great video tours and articles about the products at lots of other free stuff for video editing too πŸ™‚

      After Effects does allow you to do editing as well, and keyframing, on multiple tracks. There is a tutorial at muvipix on the similarities between After Effects and Premiere Elements. But it is not a video editor, it is all about effects πŸ˜‰

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      Well technically while I don’t suggest it After Effects does allow you to trim the In and Out pionts of video and audio footage and even split a clip between multiple layers based on teh position of the playhead.

      The experience will be far smoother if you use a dedicated editing program though.

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