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      What is the difference between the standard version and the Pro version of After Effects? Or does anyone know of any sites that show comparisons. I’ve already been in and I didn’t see it in there, but I may have overlooked it.


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      there are some big differences and some small ones…

      -there are a number of great plugins that won’t work on standard
      -there are some things like the motion tracker that aren’t in standard
      -certain keying filters and masking options aren’t available

      stuff you won’t notice as much…

      network rendering and a few other features.

      i’ve used both and it’s hard to tell the difference…unless i need something i don’t have anymore. the motion tracker is the biggest one for me. i can’t afford AE Pro for now so i’m working with standard. unless you need some of those few differences, then it’s not worth it.

      also, i’m sure there are a lot of things i can’t think of right now. so this is definitely not a difinitive list

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      This should be exactly what you need right here:

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