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      I am having problems when I edit in adobe premiure 3.0 .I import which is good ,then I start to edit and move stuff around and then my PC freezes and my cpu usege goes up to 100%.I then have to ctrl/alt/delte and have to restart.Im running home xp with a external hard drive of 250 gb just for video and amd athlon 64 processor 3200 cpu speed of 2045 MHz and also have 2048 MB of memory…does anyone have any ideas?Need faster and newer computer?? Thanks in advance..Larkn5

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      it’s happened to me a few times too. Speed isn’t the issue. It’s just got a few bugs…

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      A faster processor would help. My editing system is dual, dual core Xeon 3.0ghz processors and I rarely if ever have a problem.

      Other issues to consider is the type of video, HDV is very intensive, large scale images (over 2 megapixel) can also cause problems, and projects over 30 minutes can also bog down a slow system like yours.

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