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      Has anyone heard about Adobe 3.0 just yet? Has anyone tried it?
      I’m sure with this holiday season approaching, a number of companies are coming out with new editing software. I’m debating between PowerDirector 5, Pinnacle 10.5 and Adobe 3.0. Does anyone have any opinions on Powerdirector or Pinnacle? Did anyone hear if they too are coming out with new software this fall/winter? 8)


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      What is Adobe 3.0? I assume you are speaking of some sort of premiere variant. But really am not sure.

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      Its Adobe’s new editing software. It just came out last week. Supposedly, they’ve made a number of advancements in terms of their user interface, considering the emergence of youtube, Google video, my space etc. Has anyone out there had a chance to use it just yet? 8)

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      There is a BIG difference between Premiere Elements 3.0 and Pro 3.0! Elements is a stripped down version for beginners. I’m using anolder version of Premiere (6.5) and even that has more that the newest version of Elements.

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