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      what’s the disadvantage of running a adobe primier pro 1.5 with just an firewire without any expensive capture card.


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      I have 3 computers networked together and I capture on 2 of them directly to the MOBO. Those 2 PC’s have ASUS MOBO’s and came with 2 IEEE1394 (Firewire) headers of which all I had to do was mount the included slot brackets with the ports and connect the cables to the headers.

      Short story is that I don’t use an added capture card. My MOBO’s have on board Firewire controllers and I never have any problems capturing normal DV video.

      If you don’t have any on board IEEE1394 capabilities on your MOBO then you’ll need some kind of add on card that supports IEEE1394 connections. These are just simple PCI cards that have their own IEEE1394 controller on them along with the ports. These should work just as well.

      Capture cards come in many shapes, sizes and capabilities. They usually cater to a specific purpose or need. Some might even come with bump out boxes. You shouldn’t really need any expensive capture card as long as your PC is fast enough, configured correctly, supports an IEEE1394 card <AND> you’re only dealing with normal DV video.

      I hope this helps answer you question.

      BTW: I use Premier Pro as well


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