Adi Wiguna Broadcast Camera randika broadcast camera scam fraud !

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      Adi Wiguna Broadcast Camera randika broadcast camera scam fraud alert:

      a week ago i purchase my story begin when i browse tv bay auction
      You pay for product and the product is fake , they phone and ask you to pay for 4 more, you cancel order, refund never comes. Jakarta Indonesia Internet

      They offer a very good price, web site seems to be all well done.
      randika net adiwiguna com

      You say No and they offer to refund 80% of the price.

      An email is sent to you confirming the refund and asking for your bank details to transfer money back to you.

      Refund never arrives.

      No answer to your emails asking for refund.

      Telephone line is so poor you can’t hear them.

      Fax’s don’t work.

      There is No mention on their site of a minimum of 5 units for any of their products.

      There is no mention of a minimum refund of 80% if you cancel order.

      All in all a very good scam.

      Indonesian authorities are not interested, so far I have contacted 2 lawyers and their Salesman with out an answer.

      Live and learn but oh how I would like to burn.

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      Hmmm…. yeah, be careful with very low and non realistic prices online. When you are opening a site, be sure that there is a an About page or contact us page for you to see if the person selling is real.

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