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      Greetings Everyone! This is my first post….. I’ve been a video hobbyist for quite some time, and have done several different types of videos. But I was asked to video a “Youth Orchestra” Concert in December. This is a bi-yearly function and the person who was doing the video has decided to retire. I’m a little apprehensive about doing this since I’ve never have done this before. It is being held in the local community theater, and I was wondering what the best way of getting great sound. I have seen the video dvds of previous concerts and they seem to be pretty good. I just don’t know how he achieved it.

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      Don’t have time to elaborate, but order up a few Zoom H2s and plant them around the room.

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      Do you have access to the main mixing panel? If so, you could take a feed from there.

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      My choice and what I have done many times in the past is to plug into the main sound mixing board as birdcat suggested above (I would actually plug a Zoom recorder into the soundboard). However, I have found over the years that option is not always possible. In those case where the sound board is not an option we have used several Zoom H4N’s on mini tripods – we have used both the built in mics and have used them with 2 mics plugged in and strategically placed per unit (it just depends on what is allowed). But I have to say that 99% of the time the best results came from being plugged into the house soundboard.

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      RCvilla1122 sez, ” I was asked to video a ‘Youth Orchestra’ Concert in December “

      I spect the advice to ” tap into the house sound board ” is a bit naive. If it were MY concert I’d make sure the house sound was OFF during the concert. Also, it’s unlikely the ” house sound ” would have microphones placed optimally for a good orchestral sound recordingpickup. However, there my be someone retained to do an audio recording ( I used to do a lot of classical performance recording work ). If so you may be in luck! It is THIS equipment you want to take a feed from, either direct into your camera or into a separate digital audio recording device.

      Rick Crampton

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      Yea, sound from the board for something like this is rarely good for the video.. the purpose of the soundboard is to set the levels for optimal sound ‘in that room’.

      There’s a few ‘BUT’s’ in that statement, but I’m skipping them..

      I agree that setting up at least 2 zoom like recorders is the way to go, unless someone else is recording, the just ask to do a film slate ‘CRACK’ at the end of the recording and have them include that in the final audio files they give you.. I’ve done that before and it mostly works…

      the bigger issue there is syncing the audio, for that have some b-roll of the audience or something πŸ™‚ Have you asked the guy before you how he got his audio? That’d be the first thing I did. Good luck.

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