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      How do you make a video for You Tube and have it so there is a live link in the video itself?

      I tried hitting insert command then..
      Command: URL
      Parameter; I put in the website
      Comment: I left blank

      I rendered it as WMV and uploaded it on you tube and it doesn’t seem to be working. Does it need to be rendered differently?

      Also it seems like this only sets it for one second were the command marker is. Is there a way to set it up for 5-10 seconds?

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      What you are looking for is in the YouTube player itself using flash. There is no way at all to render a video to lead you to a url at a certain time. What you will most likely want to do is just add the base of the URL or some sort of text describing where the link is going to lead you to as simple text within your video. Then after uploading it to YouTube you can find the option to add annotations to your video in which you can add an interactive link.

      As of right now I don’t think YouTube will let you link to other webpages other than YouTube ones, so if you want the link to go to a URL that’s not on youtube, you will have to direct your viewers to the description box.

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      Thank you for the answer, not really the one I wanted, but at least I know now! What then is the purpose of the command marker that says URL?

      I believe I have seen other videos on You Tube (and you are correct as of now Annotations doesn’t allow links to sites outside of You Tube) that allow links embedded in the video. Are they using a different software?

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      oc6088, I think what you’re seeing is the creator of the video putting a graphic, link, word, etc., in his video and then uploading it to Youtube, and then using Youtube’s interface that PJ McConnell describes to make the graphic, link, or word function like a hyperlink within Youtube.

      If you look at the end of freddiew’s or mysterguitarman’s videos, for example, you’ll always see this done. usually it’s a link to their own stuff on youtube. if you watched the video before it was uploaded (i.e., on their personal computers) you’d still see the links at the end but they wouldn’t function as a hyperlink. That’s added after the video is uploaded.

      if this isn’t what you’re referring to, can you post alink to an example? maybe there’s some new thing I’m missing–I’d love to stay on top of it!

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      I found out..or I think I found out..that You Tube allows links to be posted on Annonations with an outside link if you upgrade your account. However, you have to have so many hits before they let you upgrade. I read all of this on comments so I am not sure how much of this is true.

      I guess I have been seeing links and not realizing that they are just relinking you to another you tube video.

      I really appreciate your help.

      What then is that Command Insertion for in Sony Vegas? I am at a loss on that. I sent Sony a email a couple of days ago and they haven’t replied.

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      Yeah, I think if you pay for a “Promotoed Video” you can end up with more account control and that may allow you to link to off-site url’s.

      As for that insert command, Igoogledaround and found one post on some forum that suggested you could embed a command that would load a web site from a video. I’ve never seen that done, and can’t imagine an application for it, but that’s not to say it’s not something that can be done. It suggested it worked during playback on your computer but not youtube. I do not know. If you find out please post it here (I’d like to know, too.)

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      From the Vegas 9 Manual it appears you can add a URL to streaming video that is being played on Windows Media Playerand/or RealMediaso that when the video gets to thatpoint. it sends instructions to the users internet browser to change the content being displayed. So it appears limited to streaming through these players.

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      You both are correct. The URL doesn’t allow you to link from You Tube, but it does if you send someone a disk and they play it. It is kind of deceiving though.

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