Adding Magic Bullet Mojo to my footage

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Hi All.

I'm pretty new to video editing and I was wondering how I should use effects in general. I use Sony Vegas Pro 9.

For exapmle, I have a 15 minute piece of video made up of various I render all the scenes first to one file and then re-import the 15 min video as one file , then add my Magic Bullet Mojo effect just once....(and if so what file format should I use?)...or should I add the Magic Bullet effect various times to the individual clips and render the whole thing just once?

Thank you in advance.

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I'm no pro, but I'd render it once.

One reason is that each time you render, you're compressing and losing quality (maybe a little, maybe a lot, but SOME for sure).

If others have input, I'd be interesting in hearing it, too.

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You want to add effects to clips individually because each clip is different. Magic Bullet effects are really only presets - a starting point - so you SHOULD adjust the effect of each clip to achieve the best results.

There are only a few occasions where dropping an effect onto an entire sequence is appropriate

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If you are using a single track for the video, you can add effects to the track, instead of each clip.

If multiple tracks, you can make each of the video tracks children of a control parent track and add the effects there(I think - Never had to do that).

However, as Rob said, each clip may require it's own settings and as Pseudo suggested you could always pre-render to a high quality intermediary.

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