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Hello all, I need to prepare a Music Video for broadcast and Music Choice needs Closed Captions added to it.

I've searched for answers online and have come up with no real answers. Just encounters with shockingly over-priced software for what seems would be a relatively painless procedure.

I run Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects.

Thank you!

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If you've already looked into the indexes in your manuals and none of them mention closed captioning, and I assume you have. Then you may need to look into hiring a professional service. So far as closed captioning being something simple to do, I beg to differ. Closed captions are encoded into the vertical blanking bar of analogue video. And even though you are doing digital editing, the signal that goes to a viewer is an analogue signal. Since my roots are in linear video production, I know how tube cameras generate the vertical blanking interval. And for the closed captioning we put on county government meetings, it was done with an analogue device downstream of the switcher, just before entering the modulator for delivery to the headend.

So closed captioning on an NLE has to be placed by a program that has access & control over the vertical blanking interval, which I don't think digital video even has. Until it is converted to a composite signal, there would be no need to create a vertical blanking interval inside the digital file. But since I've seen players with CC options, so there must be a way for it to be stored in the digital file. But I'm sure you'd need specialized software to make unique vertical blanking intervals.

And there's the expense. It is very specialized software, with a very small market. Just to break even it would have to be quite expensive. So you are most likely to make it a reasonable expense by shopping around for someone to do it for you. I'd check with your local professional video equipment suppliers to find who can do closed captioning in your area.

Good luck. And thank the government for requiring closed captions on music programming.

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Thank you very much.

I think I will have to outsource this one. lol.

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I had to do the same thing to put a video I shot on Fuse. I outsourced too and used a company who CC'd my video and they did everything. All I did was email them the video and they sent me a track back that had the cc info all on it. I'd recommend them.

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It's easy to produce CC in the digital domain. Bots don't get it, even if theyr'e Google's.


With all due respect for the seniority and experience of the person who wrote about the difficulty of producing CC for video, OK, it was difficult, but as far as analogue goes -- it's gone.


Producing true and accurate closed-captioning for video is as easy as 3.14

1) Transcribe truly and accurately the spoken dialogue.

2) Drag and drop the "right" amount of text in sync with the speaker(s).

3) Preview it.

You're done.


It's easy, yet, it requires a human. Bots -- however well data-fed they are -- don't get it.


Alan at VerbatimIT







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Check Sony Vegas again. I believe that from version 9 and up it has the ability to add Line 21 closed captions. I know for certain that Vegas 10 will output a .scc file with any video that you've added captions to.


I've used (and am using) this process, so feel free to PM me for more help/details.

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Our company does Closed Captioning for these types of project. We are cheaper than those other guys and we always use 100% American labor.


Check us out!