Adding a green screen on a digital video camera

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      You would thinkaManufacturer(Sony)would come up with a green screen background which you can choose from your menu on your video camera when shooting so it could be keyed out during editing.


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      It shouldnt work… I mean, you would have to have a green screen in the first place behind your subject in order to put something on top of it. The only other way to achieve the effect is to rotoscope it, which can take forever(unless you use the roto brush in after effects).And if youre talking about a scenario when there is nothing, and you just want a chunk of green on the screen with nothing in front, theres no point, because you can do that on a computer without the hassle of importing.

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      I think it could be addedinto the camera chip as a layer with the other layer being what you filmed. When you import the footage into your editing programthe informationgoes onto seperate video tracklines like5.1 audio goes on three different audio tracks.

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      The idea behind green screen is to replace the green background with one of your choosing. Just how would the camera, in your idea, get rid of whatever is behind your subject when recording? How would it know what to rotoscope out? and how much horse power would that camera need to be able to do that on the fly?

      short answer: it wouldn’t.

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      I could see it being an option like this:

      If you are already shooting on a green screen, you could sample the color that is the chroma, then the camera could do a realtime key to remove the background. But… would probably have way more control using After Effects or something like that. But i think it might be fun for people who don’t have access to good editing software. Interesting thought though….

Viewing 4 reply threads
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