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      Okay I’m new to this video stuff. I’m really use to doing still photos and adding a little contrast and saturation in Post Processing to really make things POP! How in the world do I do it with video?

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      Color correction varies from application to application but all of em have some controls for ya. Ya set it to eye but in video, we have to govern legal levels. If you ever watch the cable access channel, you’ll often see the result of illegal levels. It’ll bloom and often even add an audio buzz tot he recieving end. You measure these levels with a waveform monitor and a vectorsope.

      No need if just posting on the web.

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      Hi Bryce – Welcome to the forums.

      As Grinner said, it depends on your non-linear editor (NLE). I use Sony Vegas Pro and do this with color curves, levels, color corrector and secondary color corrector (mostly just color curves but I have used all four at once).

      See an example of color curves here:

      What software are you using to edit?

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      one technique i favor is to duplicate the layer.. then add a gausian blur (heavy) to the top layer then set the blend mode to “Soft light” in fce.

      adjusting the opacity of the top layer controls the effect.

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