Add A Lens To Increase My Zoom.

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      Hello and thanks for reading.

      I’m planning to get a camcorder soon for filming wildlife. I’ve been looking at 3 Panasonics, the PVGS-35 (for its great 30x zoom), PVGS-150 and PVGS-250 (because of the 3ccds). I’d need a big zoom for the filming I plan to do but the 3 ccd cameras have a small 10x zoom. My questions are these:
      1. If I decide to get one of the 3 chip cameras is there a lens I can get to increase the zoom to at least 20x?

      2. And if so, how would it affect the quality of my videos?

      3. Would the qaulity still be any better than that of the PVGS-35 if I added a lens?

      4. What type of problems I may encounter when adding a lens to a camera?

      I really do not know what I should do. I ceratainly appreciate everyone’s help and am totally open for any suggestions you may have.

      I am on a budget and that’s why I singled these cams out.

      Thanks again and everyone take care.
      GO DAWGS!
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      If you add a lens to a 10X zoom camcorder, you will still have a 10X zoom. There is no way to change a zoom range. But you will change the focal length of the lens. So you can increase the maximum telephoto setting but you will lose the same amount on the wide angle end of the zoom range.

      Adding a lens will reduce your resolution slightly and may cause other distortions like cutting off the corners of your picture at some settings.

      You can’t increase the quality of the of the video by adding another lens in front of your existing lens but you can change the video in ways that you may like better.

      Adding a lens will reduce the low light ability of the camcorder, lower it’s resolution some, may cause darkening of the corners of your video at some zoom settings.


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      Dave is right. Go to several stores with a good reputation and try every adapter you might be interested to buy, and see how satisfied you are. Or maybe buy them with a 7-day money back guarantee so that you can return them if they doesn’t work the way you want.

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